Moritz Dressler

Loot Shoot Whisky

2 players | 5 minutes | ages 8+

Loot Shoot Whisky is a card game for two players.

After a greenhorn foolishly dropped their golden nuggets onto the saloon floor, both players are caught up in a struggle over the precious loot.

Each round, new saloon-cards get revealed and the players simultaneously decide which of their action-cards they want to play. Using a rock-paper-scissors mechanic, they can either go for the card (Loot action), take a shot at their opponent (Shoot action), or grab the whisky-bottle instead (Whisky action). During each round, any of the 3 actions can only be used twice.

The outcome of their actions depends on the cards they both play. Whisky beats Shoot and the winner gains or flips the whisky-card. Shoot beats Loot and the winner gains a hit-card. Loot beats Whisky and the winner gains the current saloon-card. The loser gains nothing. In case of a tie, the saloon-card gets discarded.

A player instantly wins the game if they either collect at least 9 golden nuggets, gain 4 hit-cards, or gain/flip the whisky-card three times in a row.

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About Loot Shoot Whisky

Published by N├╝rnberger-Spielkarten-Verlag, February 2021.

Game design: Moritz Dressler
Game development: Steffen Benndorf
Illustration and layout: Christian Opperer

A huge thanks to all playtesters!